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Career Guidance

Post graduate can be confusing and stressful time but it doesn't have to be. Together, we can discuss post grad options, whether that be graduate school or a career. In addition, we may also discuss current academic career goals such as study abroad, internships, summer school or concerns with current major selection.

Time Management

With the amount of freedom that College affords, it is easy to get lost in activities and fall behind in academics. Together, we can work on time management strategies that will allow you to enjoy everything college has to offer while also keeping up with course work and extracurricular activities.
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Stress Management

Stressed Man
We understand that college can be stressful. In addition to harder courses and a greater workload, students are also exposed to societal pressures and worries about their future. During this counseling, we would like to sit down with the students to identify these stress sources and discuss ways to combat and manage them.
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