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2023 immersive medical research learning, a truly mesmerizing experience!

We are running a phenomenal next level immersive cancer research program where students from 6th grade to college level are exposed to an unbelievable learning in medical research. The following three month summary of meeting minutes are documented by an 8th grade student Anagha Lokesh will help you understand the beauty of this learning


Today, 1/29/23, we had our monthly mentor meeting and all teams presented. Each team got excellent feedback and review from our two special guests, Dr. Shalini Reddy, and Dr. Jyothi Kudakandira. We also did an organ system kahoot reviewing everything all the teams had presented about. We then discussed the project for February, which is on the topic of genomics.


In today’s Medical Research meeting the 5 teams presented their presentations, all spanning on the topic of genetics. We discussed cell biology, learned how to read chromosomes, learned that genes are our blueprint, found more about the structure of DNA, about the Human Genome Project, and how genetics impacts our daily lives. We also did a virtual lab activity on how to extract DNA.


We had a phenomenal guest speaker presentation by Dr. William B. Ershler on sickle cell anemia.