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Pokémon Story - Lightning Edition By Aarush N, 4th Grade Student, Boston, MA

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

One day Galvantula saw a (Alolan) Graeler playing with Magneton. Electabuzz was punching Chinchou. But Magnemite is basiclonely. So can he find a friend? That is the story of today!

Magnemite tries to talk to Skarmory. He is too high in the sky. He tries to do the same with Chinchu. He is too wet. Can he find a friend?

Then he heard a sound, "Magna". So he followed it... to two more Magnemites! Then Kangaskhan used Kinderkick. Then they all used Supersonic and they all turned into one big Magneton.

Magemite is not basiclonely anymore since he found two friends.

The End.