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My Family’s New Year Resolution, Aishwarya Arige

Happy New Year! As I said in my last article, the new year is a time of resolutions and goals. My personal New Year’s resolutions are to exercise more and to finish learning a chant. But, my family’s New Year’s resolution is something that we discussed together and came up with. On that note, our collective New Year’s resolution(s) are to stay safe and healthy and to spend more quality time together.

Our family’s first resolution is to stay safe and healthy. Now you might think that this means to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world but, no. This means to still go outside - a limited amount of times - and to follow the necessary precautions after. We should wash our hands, wipe all of our belongings that got exposed, and take a nice long hot shower to wash off all of the possible germs. This resolution was only 50% addressed to Covid-19. The other 50% was addressed to our health in general. We should take good care of our bodies even if there was no deadly pandemic!

Our family’s second New Year’s resolution was to spend a lot of quality time together. To this you might say, “ What! You spend every second of your day in the same house! ” I understand, and this is by all means true. But, we are all busy working away on each of our computers in each of our rooms. Stringing back to the other resolution, this is not healthy at all. So, we decided that at the end of the day, we would all talk about our days and just chat. This really gives me a relief every day, I guess it’s just the comfort that my family brings to me! :)

Thank You!