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The Unwrappable Gifts - By Akhil P, 6th Grade, Ashburn, Virginia

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

An unwrappable present is a gift that is not wrappable. It is a feeling, and feelings can’t be wrapped with wrapping paper. For example friendship, love, anger, understanding, glad, thrilled, impulsive and many other feelings can’t be wrapped but can be given. I think friendship is the best unwrappable gift ever. I think friendship is the best unwrappable gift because if somebody has a birthday and they invited you but you don’t have a gift. I would give kindness and friendship in a positive way. The unwrappable gifts are the gifts that mostly counts. They stand forever if you keep going. The wrappable gift can break or they might not like it but unwrappable gifts can be immediately changed if they don’t like it.

Friendship is a feeling everybody needs. If nobody had friendship everybody would be fighting every second they meet. Friendship is needed with people around us. Some people want to be alone. Some people are like the most popular person in the world. Some people are awesome to get the most friends of all time. Friends are the people who help you when you're in trouble. The friends that don’t help you when you're in trouble are not true friends.

Anger is a feeling that makes the world feel uncomfortable. Anger is something nobody wants. When something you don’t want happens you could get angry. When anger comes you should not show it on people. You should do something that you like. Do not be angry because that makes our world very unconscious. We should always be respectful because we all want to be friendly. Feeling angry is fine but showing your anger on someone else is making others feel a bit scared and not talk to you.

Understanding is a feeling that helps people to feel better. When people are understanding they can feel better after they make others feel good. They understand each other's feelings and are really nice they might be understanding but they can be rude. Not all people can be nice understanding people. The people who can understand others feelings can fight for who did the right action. Understanding is mostly to help others in need of help.

There are many gifts that can’t be wrapped but the most hurtful and the most helpful are the ones that can be the most noticeable. The most helpful one that I know of is love. We all give gifts and take gifts. Kindness is an unwrappable gift that all people want on their birthday. Anger is a feeling that is used when you don’t like what had happened. You need to understand others feelings are at that moment. If I wanted an unwrappable gift it would be humorous. What would get if you could get an unwrappable gift?!?