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Robotics experience creating interest in Space by Akshay Sunkara

Bell AVR -Advanced Vertical Robotics- is an annual competition held by Bell Robotics in which students use industry-standard tools to design robotic components to complement a drone. The primary objective of Bell AVR 2022’s competition was to clear an aflame field using robotic components such as drones, rovers, and more.

My experience in BELL AVR's 2022 Drone Competition has also inspired me to search for opportunities in the aeronautical industry. Using BELL's advanced aerial robotics technology, the team and I assembled the Bell AVR Drone, the Bell AVR Rover, and more to accomplish our objectives. To assemble the Drone, we were required to solder electrical components, and 3D print various tools to accompany the Drone. BELL's competition further advanced my knowledge of various fields such as 3D-Modelling, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science.

My experience in India complemented by BELL’s competition altered my perspective regarding the utilization of technology. I was inspired to begin various altruistic projects to initiate efforts to reorient humanity’s goals and aspirations.

I’m extremely enthusiastic regarding the fascinating and ever-changing field of aeronautical engineering. I’m incredibly honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the launch of space satellites. Following the Bell AVR Competition, I felt an urgent need to contribute more to the vast field of space; I aim to conduct research regarding various topics such as the effects of space debris, exploitation of materials from asteroids, and more.

Thank You