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My motivational visit to SpaceKIDZ by Akshay Sunkara

On December 21st, I visited the SpaceKIDZ Facility along with my parents as an attempt to uncover the fundamental process to deliver elaborate machines such as satellites. The experience was, briefly put, impactful to the general engineer inside of me. During the meeting, I communicated with the aeronautical engineers of SpaceKIDZ to educate myself on their mission to space. The highly-expertised "SUPERTEAM" explained the poignant mission and the brilliant engineering behind it. Additionally, Dr. Srimathy, the Founder and CEO of SpaceKIDZ, explained the steps taken towards their primary initiative of reaching the Moon. Although challenging, I believe the initiative could be accomplished due to the determination, and tenacity of the team.

The cordial nature of the team should inspire various members of the aeronautical field. The team will continue to perpetuate the enthusiasm behind the ever-changing field of Space and should be used as tools to display the incredible value of the field. Along with the guidance from Dr. Srimathy, the team has the ability and equipment to achieve the various missions they're contributing to. The "SUPERTEAM" will inspire the many aspiring engineers throughout India and the world, as a whole.

To begin my journey in the field of aeronautical engineering, I'd like to continue communicating with the team to educate myself in regards to the field even further. I'd like to be utilized by SpaceKIDZ to alter the narrative of Space to be seen from various aspects ranging from commercial to scientific. I'm incredibly eccentric about the opportunity to lead a team parallel to the one I observed. I hope to continue the process of developing the vast field of Space while using charitable approaches to educate the public.