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The fun in Horseback riding and help the horses in need - Alekhya and Akshara Suribhotla

The horse carries you as you get ready to jump. Your heels back in the stirrup you are ready to two-point and get over the hurdle, you make it. The feeling is indescribable.

Horseback Riding is a sport that is entertaining, both to do and to watch. You compete and connect with other people along with connecting with your horse. Having trust in this majestic animal is something else.

My sister and I started our lessons a year ago. We walked into the stables ready to start riding the horses, a simple walk. Instead, our first lesson was getting to know these horses, their names, looks, preferences in how they are spoken to, instructions, and grooming. It was good this was our first lesson because now we are more comfortable with the horses, and they are comfortable with us. To be completely honest, horseback riding is a bit scary. You don’t know what they could do, they are animals after all. Most of the time horses get out of hand when they are spooked or hurt. Anytime they are injured, uncomfortable, or incapable of doing something the instructors and the riders will be there to help them. In some unfortunate situations that is not the case.

There are some places where horses are not able to get the right shelter or treatment as other stable horses. When the horse does not get its proper nutrition, like food or water, it won't be able to perform to its fullest ability. When storms break out, the horses have no place to be. They are already put in danger from any natural conditions. They are not wild horses to have a natural instinct against poor weather. If lucky, some horses are taken in as young foals or injured horses to be treated. Some stable owners don’t have the money to spend on treating the horses to the best of their abilities.

An idea we have is to build up fundraisers for non-profit organizations which house horses that need better treatment. This could help save the horses because with the money, they can buy better equipment and food. Raising $5000 dollars would be enough to take good care of the horses in need. The horses that cannot be treated well will benefit greatly from this fundraiser. When helped, the horses will be able to live their life to the fullest. They won’t be brought down by an injury not taken care of in time, resulting in an infection. If we could help multiple non-profit organizations, there would be more horses for people to connect with.

Raising money would be good for the horses and the people. The horses can enjoy living their life, and the people can enjoy caring for their horses without any risks.

Thank you!