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A deep dive into interior design by Ananya Avadhuta.

Interior design. It may seem easy, but in reality, it’s more complicated than you would think. There are so many steps to becoming an interior designer. You’ll have to be able to master different skills, like being able to draw blueprints, matching items, planning a budget, and in general, being able to work under constant pressure. In this article, I'll be going into a deep dive into interior design.

There are many different skill sets that you need to master in interior design. The one I think is the most crucial is creativity. Your projects will look plain without using creativity to add color and detail. You also don’t want the space to be boring. Adding something like a vibrant pot or a patterned rug will add more interest to the space. Another skill I think is really important is communication. Without proper communication with your client, you may not agree on things. Also, you won’t know the needs and wants of the client. It’s not just about you, it’s about the client as well. Finally, creating a budget. This one is definitely something you need to take your time with. A budget is all about the space you’re designing and the client’s needs. You don’t want to spend too much or too little on a project. You have to save where you can and spend on the most important parts.

There are many things you have to acknowledge befre starting a project. What is the space going to be used for? How often will it be used? Kids, pets? These are only a few things that affect the plans for the space. A client with a baby may need more storage to keep toys.

There are many different skills and aspects you will have to learn before becoming an interior designer. For example, creativity, communication, and budgeting. This article has gone through just a few of the many different skills it takes to become an interior designer.

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