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Legos Darth Vader castle by Aniketh Prabhakar

I have a Darth Vader castle. It is a lego. I spent about three weeks building this lego. It was a fun and exciting journey! It was about 900 pieces! I thought for sure I wouldn’t finish it in 2 months, let alone 3 weeks!

The first day I got this lego, I wanted to open it right away. I got it on my birthday, September 13th, 2020. I was so excited to get the lego. It was probably my favorite gift I got on my birthday! I had virtual school that day, so I would do the lego after school. I got ready and opened my computer to the Google Meet. I went into my virtual classroom and did a morning meeting. We did a virtual activity and team building exercise with the class and we talked about what we did over the weekend. My teacher, Mrs.Moore, said to do the virtual slides on Google Slides. She then ended the Morning Meeting and I went off to do work. After a while, I was very excited to finally end the last problem. I closed my computer, and got my Darth Vader Castle to my room. I got some boxes to put the packets in. I also got some colored mats to make sure I could see pieces that fell out of the boxes. I was ready to start once I finally put all the materials on my carpet. I opened the first packet, put it in the box, labeled the box Packet 1, and opened my instruction book. Let me say before you make any assumptions, it was a LOT harder than it looked. I spent about 10 minutes just on the first step, the book was like 80 pages long, and it was like 400 steps long! It was gonna take forever for me to complete the lego, but I took a deep breath, and continued working however long it took.

While I was working on the project, I noticed a few things. First, there were a lot of pieces that I hadn’t seen before, like a sharp edged piece with a wide block on the top. That one was weird. Another thing I noticed was that the castle was gonna be really tall. When I started from bottom up, I knew that it wasn’t wide; it was tall. Another thing that I noticed was that the castle really matched Darth Vader’s personality. I don’t think they meant to do that, but it really does. Darth Vader’s lightsaber is red, and so are his windows. He has a personality like boiling magma, which is flowing out through an opening on the bottom. His suit and costume is black, and so is the majority of the tower. Darth Vader has a very dark personality! This castle was probably one of the most challenging and hardest legos I’ve ever built before!

I’d say that the third and final package of the lego set was the hardest. There was a lot of pressure on me to just keep the castle standing. I felt like the bottom was holding too much pressure, and I was sure that it would collapse any second I put a new piece on top. Believe it or not, it happened. Well, it didn’t collapse, but pieces broke off from the bottom of the lego. I knew it would happen sometime, so I made a plan. I’d put a bookmark on the page where I built the bottom of the castle, so I just went to the bookmark, put the pieces back where they were supposed to be, and it was as good as new. The third packet also had a lot of features I liked. There was a guy at the top of the tower holding a taser. I was guessing he worked for Darth Vader, because he only allows people who work for him inside his tower. I could actually control the taser by clicking a mechanism at the top of the taser. It was really fun to act like I was in the movie. Another great feature I liked was the extra pieces. I love to create new things with extra pieces, and I had a lot of those in the lego set. Since it was all black, gray, and all dark colors, I decided to relate it to something to do with the lego. I decided to make a judgment table, and I called it DARTH VADER’S JUDGMENT TABLE. I added it onto the castle, and it looked great! I admit that I had tough times finishing this lego, but it was actually really fun and it improved my lego building and hand-eye coordination skills. Thanks for reading!

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