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A true test for endurance - my rugby games By Anjana Y, California

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Panting on the field and gasping for another breath of air while a 200-pound girl slams me to the floor. The adrenaline rush keeps pushing me to make my team win the final. If you couldn't already guess such a rigorous high intense sport I’ll give you a clue, rugby! One of the fastest-growing sports in the country right now with a growing female dominance is taking over many high school sports teams. Personally, on the field, my position is scrum-half, practically the quarterback on the field if you watch football. My role in the field is the link between the forwards and the backs. I receive the ball from the line-out and remove the ball from the back of the scrum, and pass it on an available position that has a free space to sprint off with the ball. Feeding of the ball in the scrum which is on the defensive line and not getting tackled halfway through it is a tough job but I love the rush and thrill.

Many parents would be concerned about the dangers of the physical aspect of rugby. I have had four concussions in one season, sophomore year of high school. There were certain limitations and precautions I had to take after being diagnosed several times, but each time it motivated me to want to get better so I can get back on the field with my team. If you are a concerned parent, the physical injuries of a sport help strengthen a child mentally and carry onto any daily circumstances in life. Every sport has its ups and downs, but with rugby, it made me stronger physically and mentally. Each time I had a down in rugby my family was always there to pick me right up and show me to never give up in any activity you set your mind to.

Growing up I had many ambitions with sports such as rhythmic gymnastics, diving, volleyball, and Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dancing). Within each sport, I played competitively and went to state and regional divisions. Although all these sports were amusing, playing varsity rugby from the start of high school gave me confidence and endurance in my everyday life. Going into school my teamwork skills improved just like the field and my focus and determination carried on to all of my schoolwork, whether it is a major project or a ten-minute homework assignment.

The adrenaline rush on a rugby field could never be explained in words, only felt, but the prideful feeling of knowing that your team's dedication to winning is the most rewarding memory of my high school career. From start to finish on the field all you can see is smiling teenagers with falling mouth guards, it is one of the best scenes to witness.

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