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Uganda student appreciation day on Feb 26th, 2023

Updated: Mar 4

AVS Academy students have been leaving imprints on the hearts of children and reaching out to students in Uganda who often rise from poverty-stricken backgrounds. These bright minds have an unmistakable thirst for knowledge. Uganda Hands for Hope organization has provided the primary education necessary to aid their learning at their critical age.

To help support these students in Uganda, AVS College Prep students has taken a proactive approach by creating a virtual platform that allows U.S. students to share their knowledge of math and English with their Ugandan counterparts. This program, aptly titled "Teaching Kids in Uganda," celebrated its first anniversary on February 26th, 2023, with a heartwarming student appreciation ceremony.

The ceremony was graced by the CEO of Hands for Hope, Joseph Cummiskey, and Nirmala Gollapalli, parent of Pragna Shree, who helped initiate the program.

Forty-seven students from P7 and S1 were presented with certificates of appreciation, marking their achievements and dedication to learning. AVS Academy students have been conducting classes on early Fridays to accommodate Saturday class timings for Uganda students.

The program was initiated through a fundraising campaign to secure virtual classroom assets, led by Anagha Lokesh. The curriculum was designed with lead help from Hansika Chennamsetty, and the student team consists of a group of bright and talented individuals, including Vibhav Chandrala, Shikha Manubolu, Sreshtha Janapareddy, Sharayu Jakkampudi, Ihita Anne, Shagun Srivatsava, Akshara Siribotla, Kushal Mamillapalli, Aditya Paturi, Harsha Pasupulati, Vikram Kolluru, Aarnav Chandraganti, Hasita Pola, Adhithi Karthikeyan, Danista Mannem, Abhiram Gannamaneni and Rishi Chennamsetty.

Starting from March 15th, Divya Billa will be coordinating the program and providing director-level executive leadership support. Currently, she is helping the program in media and digitization. With her extensive teaching experience, Divya will be leading some of the programs. We warmly welcome you aboard!!