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My Sports Heroes - Arnav Chandraganti

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

These are my three sports heroes in NBA, NHL, and NFL, and the reasons why they are my favorites.

In the NBA, my favorite player is Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors. The reason why I like him is because he is a determined, generous, and skillful person. He donates a lot to charity, he never gives up, and is an amazing basketball player.

My NFL hero is Tom Brady who played quarterback for the New England Patriots. He retired this year because of his age. Tom Brady has been my favorite since I started watching football. First, I liked him because his team kept winning. But, now when I think about it, I like him because of his determination and skill. When he was playing last year, he was the oldest football player. His body is still fit at the age of 43 and he never gives up on playing football.

My NHL hero is Brent Burns who is a defenseman on the San Jose Sharks. The main reason I like him is because he was my friend’s dad when I was back in California.I actually got to talk to him and he was really nice. He is also good at the game.

These are three of my favorite sports players and why I like them.

- Aarnav Chandraganti

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