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New Year's Resolutions, Aryansh Hiremath

Now that New Years' has passed, people show that they will keep their resolution with determination or give up after a few days. This year was hard with quarantine and it is hard to keep resolutions due. I am going to share with you my three different resolutions that I am following and why I’m doing so.

My first resolution would be to exercise more, exercise is fundamental in my life. Since exercise is harder to do due to shelter emplacement, I started to find ways to exercise in my house. The reason I exercise is that it clears your mind and it is good for your body. Some of these activities I do include jump roping and running. The reason I chose this resolution is that I believe that I don’t do enough exercise.

My second resolution would be to lessen my watching habits, exercise may be important, but watching less television is as important too. Since I started playing video games in addition to watching television my screen has doubled. To counteract this habit I would have to time myself and think of a fair time to spend watching television. This would give me a lot of extra time to deal with since I stopped my watching habits.

My last resolution would be time management, I would consider time management my most important resolution due to using my time more effectively. If I had a plan every day then I would know what to do and when to do it. This would also benefit my studies because I can decide what time I could do it, it also makes my schedule more flexible. Since I have extra time because of watching less television, I can focus on more important duties.

In conclusion, my three resolutions, cutting screen time, exercising more, and time management will help me a better person in the future.

Thank You!!