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Genetic Coding By Aryansh Hiremath, CA

Updated: Jan 30, 2021


Genetic coding starts with genes. Genes are fragments of chromosomes that have code that create RNA molecules. To put it simply chromosomes are made out of DNA which are made up of genes. Genes are created by these tiles, which consists of 4 letters, G, C, A, and T. These tiles are like the code of the genes. If you miss some of these tiles they could lead to disorders.

Genetic coding

Genetic Coding is replacing animal DNA with another animal DNA creating something new. For example, Neanderthals can be brought back because they found DNA in the fossilized remains of the corpse. If they didn't have all the DNA tiles they needed, they could replace it with our DNA. With the technology we have today we can bring back extinct animals like the dodo bird by mixing its DNA with its relatives.


With the technology we have today, genetic coding will benefit humanity. Genetic coding will help bring back extinct species and help the ecosystem. Through genetic coding, we can alter genes to stop inheriting illnesses. For example, if a person has diabetes, it could be inherited by its offspring. In conclusion, genetic coding is the future of technology.