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12-day Program & Certification in Astronautic Research & Science

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

AVS Academy is bringing Level One certification program for students from AGES 8 year and above in astronautic research and science by partnering with a space agency. This course covers biology, biomedicine, astronautics, aerospace engineering, physics, space medicine and astronomy. Students get a FREE ONE-year membership to NSS (National Space Society) and will be able to access MMAARS- NSS Spacedge 3D Printing Module (curate special learning modules for students...)

This is a 12-day training program starting on August 16th and the everyday lecture is for one hour starting at 7 PM CST. You will have a graduation and award ceremony followed by an article submission; Edu talk radio/TV show. If interested, please submit below form and our program team will contact you with pricing information. You can forward this information to friends and relatives since this is open to all.

Day 1: Introduction

Day 2: Space Medicine / Space Medics

Day 3: 3D Printing

Day 4: Space Health & Wellness

Day 5: Extravehicular Activities (E.V.A.)

Day 6 - 7: Mini Weekend Hackathon

Day 8: Medical E.V.A

Day 9: Geological E.V.A

Day 10: Astronomical E.V.A

Day 11: Space Food

Day 12: Graduation & Awards Ceremony

Recognition & Awards to Graduating Class


AVS Academy

847 431 0729

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