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AVS Academy students secured a spot in Indian Space History

On November 18th, the first private rocket Vikram-S was launched by ISRO marking an historic event in Indian Space Journey. The successful event was witnessed by billions of people around the world and appreciations were pouring in for the wonderful space reforms initiated by Indian Government.

In this historic event, 42 AVS Academy’s college prep students secured their spot by programming small Adriano boards that were part of a payload. The boards have ten censors that measure barometric pressure, temperature, halo effect, radiation etc.

The youngest student of the 42 junior mission scientists is only a 10-year-old. Students shared 14 boards amongst 42 to accomplish this team task. We, at AVS academy congratulate these wonderful achievers whose life journey just started as space heroes. Our goal is to make them learn and embrace space that is going to be the future for the next generation. The academy thanks the SpaceKIDZ organization for their wonderful support in educating the students and helping create the payload. The students and parents at AVS Academy family wishes many more successes to Skyroot organization.

AVS Academy is blessed with Dr. Srimathy Kesan's mentorship and guidance. As a CEO of SpaceKIDZ organization, her passion to enable next-generation talent in space has no words to describe. Mr. Rifaath, the CTO of SpaceKIDZ is the icon for next-generation.

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