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Theatre Student Experience By Baasanthi C, 7th Grade, TX

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Inches away from the ground was my face, you may wonder why, but when you are selected as a snake in a puppet show you gotta deal with it, and that was my case right here. Did you ever wonder what was behind the curtains in a middle school play? Well, you're lucky because I am a theatre student in middle school and I am going to tell you what I know.

What is it like to be a theatre student? You may ask yourself sometimes, as far as I know, I think a theatre student is one who wants to embrace herself/himself and wants the world to know be yourself and do what you wanna do cause it's your world the world you are living in, now don't get me wrong here, listen to your elders because they know what is best at the same time listen to the people who give you confidence in yourself and respect your ideas and thoughts. Well, that's pretty much me, but hey, some people are thinking a different way. This is how I think as a middle school theatre student at least.

You might have wondered, “Is it as easy and cheap as it sounds to throw a play out there”. Well, I can assure you that it is not easy {unless you want a horrible play} to throw a play, you will have to find actors, perfect match and fit costumes, props and a lot more, Broadway plays may cost 9.9 million dollars, but middle school plays can't afford that much, probably 2,000 dollars to throw a play and we sometimes get the money back, it depends how many people come to the show, how many people we can fit in the show, and how many nights we have to have the show running, after all, there are tickets and they do cost money.

What is behind those curtains in the play? Have you ever wondered, well I have and now I know? Do you wanna know? Keep reading. It’s a magical place behind the curtains, but not always there can be arguments, shouting, yelling and a lot more, but sometimes you have a peaceful and friendly place behind the curtains, I mean let's be real it depends.

This is what I learned so far from the theatre, you might have learned different and so far I think who are actors, how plays run, what’s is it like behind the curtains is enough info for beginners like you and me.

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