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How to become a Better You – Bhargavi Annamreddy, Chicago, IL

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

AVS Academy is proud to on-board Bhargavi Annamreddy who is aspiring to become life coach. Bhargavi will be acting like an academy consultant and thoroughly engaged with registered students in 1:1 family counseling. She will also conduct series of sessions for life skills under the program name - How to become a Better You.

The program is extremely well crafted with the following wonderful topics.

Power of your thoughts

· Conscious (creative) and Habitual (programmed) mind

· Fact. Problem. Solution

Shape your life with right association

· Beliefs/thoughts – Positive & Negative Impact

· Habits – Good Vs Bad

· Behavior – Good Vs Bad

Effective time management

Causes of stress and remedies

Effective ways to convert negative energy to positive

Goal setting & plan to achieve goals

We will be announcing the program schedule through events shortly. All Bhargavi’s lectures will be on-line and will be running in tandem with our AVS Academy topics.

Thank You

AVS Academy

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