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History of Cars – By Bhavesh Sai, 4rd Grade, Illinois

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Cars are a way of transportation. They transport you from one place to another. The first car made that went into production with a combustion engine was the Motorwagen Benz made in Mannheim by Karl Benz. Cars nowadays are fully closed so they can block out rain and snow and sun.

The most sold car in the world is a Toyota Corolla made in 1966 in Japan with close to 50 million sales. The second most sold car in the world is the Ford F-Series, which is a pickup truck made in U.S.A. The third most sold car in the world is the Toyota RAV4 which is also made in Japan.

After Carl Benz made the world's first car the whole world knew about it and the industry of cars had begun. They slowly advanced cars and made them better. They also made rules and responsibilities that came with the cars. Such as wearing your seat belt or not going too fast.

The disadvantage of normal gas powered car are that the pollution and release of carbon dioxide into the air and makes the air bad to breathe because humans only breathe oxygen. Since gas powered cars pollute the air people invented cars that can run on electricity and solar power. The first car that was made that runs on electricity is the Tesla Roadster, it was the first full electric car that was street and highway legal it was made in 2008. The first solar powered Car is the Sunmobile made by William G. Cobb made in 1955.

Those were cars that were good for the environment. That is how cars have changed over time. Cars have changed from gas powered cars have changed since to electric and solar. Also some specific cars have become popular. Cars have changed but cars are still cars.

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