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Celebrate festival of colors with FIA Chicago

Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) celebrate Holi on April 16th as a grand gala event where AVS Academy students volunteer and support the cultural cause. Come and enjoy the occasion.

Indians around the world celebrate Holi, the “festival of colors” welcoming spring. As per the Hindu tradition, the festival marks the celebration of victory of good over evil. During this period of multi-day celebrations, people throw colored powders at each other pitched with water.

The colors used are culturally symbolic:

· Blue: Color of Calm and Otherworldliness

· Green: Color of Nature, Spring, and New Beginnings

· Orange: Color of Courage and Sacrifice

· Pink: Color of Youth, Good Health, and Playfulness

· Red: Color of Purity, Love, Passion, and Fertility

· Yellow: Color of Happiness, Meditation, and Peace

In ancient era, the colors were hand prepared with herbs from Neem, Kumkum, Haldi and Bilva with a purpose of giving relief from springtime allergies or contagious diseases.

Enjoy Holi with FIA!!

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