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Why the Guinness approval was important to me!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

The beginning of practice!

It was June 25, 2021 at 4:30-5:30 pm, a warm, normal Sunday! I was wrapping up my last dance class before it was summer holidays. Before class ended, my dance guru had said that there was a Guinness attempt going to be made on August 1st, 2021. I was immediately interested. This was a very rare chance! Plus, I was so interested in dance, I have been learning it for 6+ years! I joined the first class, very eager to do the dance! Then I learned the duration was 25 minutes. I have done 10 or 15 minutes, but I have never done 25 minutes! But I took it as an opportunity to learn the next growing step of levels of dance.

The challenges that I had to face!

The song name was Tamil Thillana. I was excited. As I started to practice, it was very fast! I had to join zoom meetings that are very late at night, and very early in the morning! I was very scared if I was kicked out of the meeting to due lack of internet connection. Even my parents never used any electronics during that time! But I knew I would never stop in the middle of learning a song. That isn’t me. I practiced, and practiced, it was very hard to catch up with the speed. At the second-to-last week of June, 18, 2021, I had finally caught up with the speed! I was so relieved!

The finale performance!

It has finally come! The day of the performance! I still remember it; 8:00 am EST, August 1st, 2021, was the time of the performance, and it was exciting! That morning my parents said, “Good luck, Laasya!” After the performance, I was super excited. I thought all of those days of hard work and practice will pay off. At the same time, I was nervous. I only had 5 weeks to practice, and the song was fast. I was nervous if I had messed up. But I tried not to worry about the performance. Now, I had to wait for the Guinness approval. I was hopeful and patient for my Guinness Book of World Records certificate to arrive, and the Guinness approval.

The very exciting day!

On August 20th, 2021, Varalakshmi Vratham, was the day Guinness has approved the dance! Me and my dance team, were now on the Guinness Book of World Records! It was approved around 9:30 am CST, I think.

It has finally come!

On August 13th, 2021, Monday, during the morning, my certificate has finally arrived! I was very happy after I went home! Finally, that was why the Guinness approval was so important to me! It was important because I spent so much time practicing the song every single day!

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