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Why I love and do art! Laasya Gajula, RI

For which reasons did I get persuaded to love art! I would always play an instrument, play games, or study. But after kindergarten, I learned that drawing was fun! I learned new art materials that were very cool! For example: stencils, paint, crayons, colored pencils, and oil pastels! I enjoyed oil pastels a lot! That was because my art teacher showed me that if you scribble over the oil pastel drawing with oil pastels, you could color over it and the drawing looks like nothing occurred! Ever since then, I have been testing out new materials to see how they work! I also understood that art was another way of communicating, like another language!

Types of artworks I did! Recently, I have been doing rice art! You paint the rice, and you create it into something! Here is what I did with rice:

This is how the rice–glued bottle looks like from 4 sides. I had to glue the painted rice onto the bottle. This took me 2 months, but it was worth it! My first canvas paintings!

I was very interested in canvas paintings after 3rd grade! By then, I was very invested into art! Here are the results after a lot of practice:

These are a few of my canvas paintings I have done! I have done these for birthdays, and for fun! These pictures show my imaginations and passions: the first one shows my passions colors, the second one shows my passions for moonlight and trees, the 3rd one represents my favorite thing; flowers! The last one represents my passion for playing the violin, and my brother, Siddharth, playing with balloons. Again, art is another way of communicating to others without talking!

Even bigger projects!

Now, I do larger projects! Here is the latest one that I did:

This one is my favorite! It took me 1 ½ weeks to paint the design! I made the garlands and the flower hangings myself! This one had to have a double coating for the white paint, which took extra time. This took me a total 3 weeks to make this masterpiece, but it was definitely worthwhile!

In conclusion!

I think that art represents language, stories, passions, and more! There are so many materials in art, and I love how each of them work! This is why I love art!