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Setting up libraries in Africa, a great student accomplishment

AVS Academy started working with African library project since January 2023 and in no time, we collected more than 5,000 books towards setting up seven half libraries and one full library. A half library needs 500 books whereas a full library needs 1000 books.

It’s a stunning achievement from students who are going above and beyond to accomplish this task.

Tanvi Samayam – 1,000 books

Sanvi Gautama – 500 books

Samanvi Ijjada – 500 books

Saathvik Yenamadala – 500 books

Alekhya Suribhotla & Ram Kommana – 500 books

Inesh Nallamothu – 500 books

Adithi Kartikeyan - 500 books

Thank you all the students and Academy is proud of your accomplishments.