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Congratulations Mahima & Manas!


When you walk into a graduation party that greets you with a showcase of 79 achievements and awards, that speaks to the enormous family hard work that went in to achieve BIG. In case of Mahima and Manas, where the twins heading to Kelly and Case Western Reserve, all I can see is the fantastic life journey ahead. I consider the start of college journey is a rebirth for a student where the world opens with plethora of opportunities.

Going to prestigious programs at ranked universities like Kelly and Case Western Reserve will bring great opportunities of research, innovation, and future career options. I am sure the resilient and determined twins, Mahima and Manas will bring laurels to our community. I request all the parents and students to start aiming at playing at the world stage where students can influence global policies.

Once again, I am very happy to see that my 2 cent help in college prep for these super twins played a good role, and my wish is to see them at the world stage. God bless the twins and congrats to the proud parents Tulasi and Madan garu.


Kiran Palla

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