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Merry Christmas! Talent Unlimited!!

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Have you ever heard about a first-grade student compiling her own songs and building music albums? I have not but now from Leela Anika Thota who is on her way to create her fourth album. It’s truly amazing. Besides singing, this girl possesses so many talents including a wonderful taste for art.

Leela’s art was featured at District level at her kindergarten. After qualifying from her grade level, she competed with all elementary school finalists in the district and finally featured at the district level art showcase.

Leela is adept at reading, and she can read books and engage in storytelling sessions. Besides having a strong eye on extracurriculars, her academic excellence is on part with two or three grades of her current grade level. By the way, Leela also ran a 2K run for a charitable cause.

As I always say, the new generation is multi-talented, and we should nurture them with constant encouraging words and our behaviors. The only gift that we can give to our children is encouragement.

Keep rocking Leela!!