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The Learning Experience from Michigan AVS Academy’s Seminar

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Are you struggling to find the “formula” to make your dream college? Are you gathering information from multiple sources, but find them all useless? This was how I felt before I attended the seminar that changed my perspective. In this short composition, I will tell you what I learned from this discussion and why it is essential to follow.

There are many valuable vital concepts I learned from this seminar. Firstly, I realized the importance of being a good citizen and leader. Many coproducts arise from striving to become a leader, such as giving back to the community. I have personally contributed to the Metro Detroit area as part of the organization Key2Finesse, raising $2,000 as part of the total $48,440 raised for Gleaners Food Bank. Secondly, I learned to keep a sincere commitment to a particular goal. Whether it’s taking specific courses in high school or taking dream career-related internships, it gives you higher leverage to achieve your goal. Lastly, I found that time management is critical. Without this last concept, we wouldn’t be able to perform the tasks that we aspire to do. Overall, I believe that this seminar taught me lots of memorable lessons that will help me succeed.

The main takeaway is that we must strive to work our hardest to achieve our goals. I believe that Mr. Kiran helped me realize the fact that I must start becoming more mentally prepared for the challenges ahead of me. Now, I feel confident that I have the key to open the treasure locked for ages.

Rishi Narendra Kumar (8th grade)

AVS Academy Seminar

26 October 2019

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