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My passion - creating robots by Mokshita Mannam, VA

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

In the world of innovation, I have always felt the urge to challenge myself and become more assertive. Ever since I was young I have had an interest in creating and designing crafts or inventions. My hobby or interest started very small and transformed into something else entirely. When I took notice of these profound series of events, I realized that my minute interest turned into a significant passion that I was yearning to discover.

The discovery of my new passion made me want to strive for more. I wanted to find out if I could make my passion a possibility of a future career pathway. So, in the eighth grade, I tried robotics as one of my courses and it turned out to be better than I expected. I loved building and creating robots that performed certain tasks such as the Pull Toy Robot. This specific robot was built for children but served me a higher purpose. It made me realize what multiple code blocks could do when connected to a robot. Slowly, the pieces of code grew on me and I felt like it was my second language. That is when I knew that this is what I wanted to pursue in life. I wanted to build robots with code that could perform tasks to help people make their day to day lives easier.

I have decided on robotics designing and engineering as my main choice for my career path but I have always wanted to impact the world by solving some of its substantial issues. My passion for innovation can help me create products that will solve problems that we as humans are facing. For example, climate change has been haunting us for decades now and nobody has found a less expensive and impactful way to solve this problem. Wind turbines and solar panels have helped this situation but cost millions of dollars. In the future, I hope to create a machine that will help solve this problem and many more in an inexpensive way.

The thought of changing the world with my passion has and will always motivate me throughout the years that are coming. As said before my passion for creating products to make life easier was once an interest in design and before an idea of crafts. The robotics class has shown me a field that I never saw as a possibility for me before. Now, I know that my true passion is to create robots that can help people live their lives easier.