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My father's win @ volleyball

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Kanisk Sharma

Grade 6, Aptakisic Junior High School

On August 24, 2019 I went to Twin groves to attend the volleyball tournament between 6 teams. The purpose of the tournament was to raise funds for the noble cause of charity for autism children. The tournament was between 6 teams called the Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Lions, Blackhawks, and the White Sox.

My father was one the participants in the bears team. He was one the best players on the team. His team played furiously nonstop. I ran around helping clean-up the tables. I also helped to sell lots of things to raise money for the charity. I had to keep scores of the games.

We sold fruit cups, Gatorade, donuts and coffee. We sold lots of the stuff we had. We kept on selling until we were completely out of stock. We raised money which was more than expected then we drank some Gatorade which we saved and ate pizzas as we were volunteering.

The game was very intense, my dad’s team versus the opponents, this final match would decide the score was 23-23, the team with a two-point advantage wins. The last two points came surprisingly fast. My father’s team wins!! I sat there rejoicing with my father. We also got a gold trophy.

Overall, it was a great experience for me as I was helping for the good cause. It was very fulfilling in my mind. I was amazed as well as very proud of my father’s win.

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