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Why do I love coding by Nakshatra T

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Why do I love coding? Well, it allows me to be creative, have fun, and learn more about computer sciences. I started to code in fifth grade. My dad gave me an Udemy course on the fundamentals of python. Then after I finished the course, I did a few other courses. I enjoyed the hour of code at school.

Then a few years later my parents decided to put me into a flowcharting class, so I could understand the thinking process of code. From there I moved onto Java coding classes. During this summer I did a robotics camp. We programmed a robot through Arduino. We made the robot detect walls and navigate through mazes. Currently, I am taking a coding class to further my knowledge of Python coding.

Coding uses creativity because it has many solutions to your problem. I can be as creative as I want. I could take a long approach or a short approach on the problem. I have fun coding because you can do whatever you want. I can challenge yourself, make fun projects, and set goals for myself to reach.

My current goal is to better my Python skills so I can help other people in the future. I can learn more about future careers I can go into like computer sciences, and engineering. So, I enjoy coding because it allows creativity, entertainment, and a future career too.