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My Dream Jobs by Niketh N, 7th Grade Student, Princeton, NJ

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

When I get older and start earning an income, I have a goal that I would like to reach. My goal is to become either a CEO (Chief Executive Officer), COO (Chief Operations Officer), or a Chairman. If I want to be a CEO, COO or Chairman I would have to work at a company. The company’s I would like to work at are Citi Group/Citi Bank, J.P Morgan Chase, Apple or North Western Mutual Fund.

The reasons why I would like to get these jobs are for various reasons. One reason is income, the average income of a CEO is around 7.4 Million USD. Another reason for me is because I believe I have good leadership skills and I have the knowledge to achieve a High Ranking C level job. The reason why I would like to be a lawyer or work in law is that I believe I have what it takes to win an argument, I also have the confidence to do an important job like that. I also have some experience, in school, I am taking a course called “Active Citizenship” and in that course, we did a court. That’s why I think I have experience. Another reason why I want a good job is if I ever get a child I want to give them a good education and a good home like my dad has given me. To do that I need to have a good-paying job to give my kid whatever he needs to be successful in life.

I am preparing for one of these jobs in many ways. One way I am preparing for a lawyer is like I mentioned before my “Active Citizenship Class” where we did a court and do more law-related things. The way I am planning on preparing to become a CEO, COO or a Chairman is I am thinking of taking a class called “Young Entrepreneurs” in that class you learn how to be an Entrepreneur and learn how to start up and run a company.