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What there is to know about Badminton by Nikhil Kandalam

Badminton is a sport that requires aim, accuracy, speed, and strength. It is easy to see where one is lacking and where one exceeds expectations. At first, it may seem very hard as you may be lacking in aim and accuracy but gradually over time your skills start to evolve. In this article I will explain what there is to enjoy about Badminton and what to expect.

As a beginner, you will expect it to be very difficult and might give up, but remember that's with every person; you just need the drive and play more to get better. Gradually over time this becomes more serious and you pay more attention to it.

The rules to this game are simple. You have the back boundary, the side boundaries and the front boundary on both sides of the court. During singles, the side boundaries are out on every occasion while the front boundary is only out on serves(short). Hitting the birdie beyond the side and back boundary is considered out all the time. During doubles however, the back boundary and the front boundary are both out on serves while the side boundaries are in no matter what. Landing on the line or the border between an out and an in zone is counted as in. Hitting the net with the racket is the other team's point on all occasions.

There are many ways to practice this game. If you have a partner, you can practice serving and receiving. People might wonder how to practice if you are alone and have no partner. A simple solution to that is practicing with a wall. In my opinion practicing with a wall is better because since you will be so close to it, you will get used to these fast receives.

Each receive and serve is named. At the back of the court hitting to the other side is called a Clear. From the backside hitting to the front is called a Dropshot. Hitting to the front from the front on your side is called a Netdrop.

Using the back of your hand is called back hand and using the front of your hand is called forehand. Hitting the ground hard while bending your wrist downwards with a smash is called….a smash.

We have to build our physical power by keeping ourselves mentally strong and awake. This is what Badminton is meant for.

Thanks for reading this.

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