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Rubrik’s Cubes By Pardha Karrothu

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Rubrik cubes are hard puzzles. They come in lots of shapes and sizes. The standard cube is 3X3 Rubrik cube. It has 6 sides, 3 rows, 3 columns and 26 parts. So, 6 middles, 8 corners and 12 sides.

History of the cube:

The Rubrik cube lived for a long time, so it is old. The first Rubrik cube was made in 1974 by Erno Rubrik. He spent a month trying to solve cube and he is still learning from it. In early 1980, the Rubrik cube became famous in toy fairs around the world. Later in 1980 and 1981, the Rubrik cube received the UK Toy of the Year, and in the first 3 years sold 100 cubes. In 1982, the Rubrik’s Cube World Championship was held in the capital of Hungary, and in 2003, The World Cube Association was founded. It has been 47 years of the Rubrik Cube, and is still a popular puzzle and toy.

Getting started:

One day I found a Rubrik cube and started playing with it. I tried solving one side after a while I was able to solve only 1 side. A couple months after, my parents encouraged me to learn to solve the whole thing. So I tried, and after concentrating for 30 minutes, I was solved the whole cube! I was so happy and I decided to time myself. My first time was 3 minutes and 22 seconds. I made a goal to do it under 2 minute, and later I accomplished my goal. Now my goal is 50 seconds.

Basic understanding how to solve the cube:

To solve a Rubrik’s cube, the fastest method would take only 10 algorithms. There is a method to use 6 algorithms, but that is a longer way, as you repeat them more often. In my method, called the layer-by-layer method requires you to solve the cube layer-by-layer, hence the name. It is one of the most popular ways to solve a Rubrik cube and the easiest. Though this method needs only 6 algorithms, I invented another 4 to make the process faster and less repetitive. You can use parts of this method to solve other Rubrik products.

What’s the fun in it:

I love to solve Rubrik cubes and the other Rubrik products because I love how my fingers move so fast, I can barely see the Rubrik when I am moving around. It also has a satisfying noise when it moves quickly. I always want to get better in my timings, and there is not a time when I want to stop myself improving my skills at solving it. It just feels good when the cube is solved in a less time than the previous. It also gives a sense of pride at my skill.

World Records:

In the world people have made awesome records, the first setter being Mihn Tai, an American teenager who solved the Rubrik cube in 22.95 seconds. The world record for 3X3 cube is 4.22 seconds and the robot’s record is 0.63 seconds. The record for the 4X4 Rubrik cube is 17.42 seconds, and the 2x2’s record is 0.49 seconds.

My current records with different shape Rubrik’s Cubes:

3X3 Rubrik cube : 55 sec

3X3 Shape shifter: 2.57 sec

2X2 Rubrik cube: 32 sec

Skewb : 43 sec

Pyramix: 17 sec

In the future, I want to get better and better and become the record holder of the world record.

Thank You!

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