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The girl with talent, compassion, courage and empathy - Pragna Sree, 9th grade

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

My name is Gollapalli Pragna Sree, fourteen years old studying in year 9 in Delhi Public School in Uganda. I am basically a fun loving girl, likes travelling to different countries, food lover, sports enthusiast played active roles in the school teams like football, basketball and in the free time enjoy playing chess and carroms. Very keen to learn new things which will enable me to grow up in my career and also establish me as a successful entrepreneur. I am a nature enthusiast, whenever I come across beautiful things found in nature I take a best shot with my phone camera. I am a pet owner of three dogs and a tortoise, adopted an elephant and a lion cub. Academically I am interested both in math and sciences. Also I like to participate in cultural activities and also take up challenges in any event organized.

Meeting the President H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at the State House Uganda.

I sang the national anthem of Uganda in the State House and he appreciated me.

This is a memorable picture and a proud moment with Shri Narendra Modi. It was an honor presenting a bouquet welcoming the Prime minister of India to Uganda.

During the pandemic, I mobilized all my personal savings amount and some which was gifted for my dance performance at one of the events organized at State house. I contributed all this money to the UWEC animals as they were not getting steady income. I presented as a collage of photos to the President H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and he was really proud of my efforts and love towards animals.

‘Madhu’ is my ingenious tortoise and I love the way it always comes to the main door for food.

And this…. My FAVOURITE ‘Pragna’ (II). Three years ago, my dad gifted me ‘Pragna’ also known as ‘Nykato’ on my birthday. I sponsored and adopted this endearing elephant. This is a picture of Pragna blessing Pragna.

This is the KING of my life…. ‘Sree’ is my lovely, friendly, shaggy lion cub. But now it is furious and splendid. Two years ago, we adopted this lion cub, when my mother surprised me by adopting ‘Sree’ on my birthday at the zoo.

I would call these adorable cutie pies ‘Aggressive’ and ‘Ferocious’ because these dogs are the wonders of my life…. I have 3 outstanding and unique dogs. The boss of the family ‘Flash’ (three years old) runs as fast as lightning whenever there is a stranger walking around my compound. ‘Rocher’ and ‘Oreo’ (both are one year old) are two adorable dogs which always play and fight with me. These are three superior rottweilers which take charge around my compound.

I performed a fusion dance for a fundraising concert organized by Rotary International Africa Peace Concert. It was really fun participating in this Peace concert as I enjoyed dancing for this concert.