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How To Read Your Child's Report Card

How to Read Your Child's Report Card

First and foremost, pay attention to any comments that the teachers made on the report card. Later read by category – Reading & Writing and sub-sections under the categories. Most of the cases our children lag in writing expressions, vocabulary and comprehension. This is the most important observation, and needs immediate action if the scores are low. As you look ahead, if we do not address the issue now, it will have tremendous impact in higher grades, colleges as well as ACT/PSAT/SAT. Meet the teacher and seek assistance immediately. You can also contact me.

Pay special attention to social or interpersonal skills section where your teachers write about kids’ overall attentiveness, aptitude, interest, and focus. These qualities are critical just like the above ones I mentioned. As a parent, you can correct these things very easily by spending valuable time with them.

My point here is to take a close look at report cards every time they come to you and put together three or four and see where chronic lag may exist and correct it. Remember: When it comes to SAT/ACT, the tests are based on national standards and the bar will be high. Even our kids going with great guns in schools may have a hard time at the national tests.

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