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Milestone: Flying Experimental Research Drones

Congratulations Students 👏

I am very proud to let you know that today, AVS Academy students completed their final workshop & build validation for their drones. This activity started in April 2021 and students spent numerous hours to build these experimental drones amidst of global supply chain issues. Elementary and middle school students were mentored and guided by honorable Keerthan Chand, the young scientist who made a mark in India’s Space Journey. He built an experimental satellite at the age of 17 years and launched it.

The six-month long workshop covered the following topics

  • Understanding of drones

  • Parts involved & how drones work

  • What types of fly modes?

  • Assembly plan and calibration

  • POC and trail runs

  • Licensing

  • Village or county permits

Tanav Thota, a high school senior and the project manager for this program spent hundreds of hours coaching, training, mentoring and validating results. His extraordinary commitment needs a special mention.

Academy platform is there for everyone to start something unique and run with it. Sky is the only limit for those parents and students who can take full advantage of this platform. I will be communicating to you more stunning innovations and accomplishments in near future.


Kiran Palla