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The Mahatma Project- Educate & Enable Rural Talent

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

(Bring & Brighten Your Choice Village)


With AVS Academy’s students, now in 10 countries, our global footprint allows us serve underprivileged children in Mali, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and India. The goal is to adopt a small village in a remote area where the resources are limited (or none) and start working with local liaisons. You can bring a village of your choice for enablement. This is a multiyear program and will be totally funded by AVS Academy students with their internship expenses. Students enrolled in this Mahatma program will work as intern in projects, activities, and teaching. Any students interested in this initiative, can join our official programs pathway to college or stepping stones to start making a difference.


Kiran Palla

Founder & Chairman

AVS Academy

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