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What are my summer plans? By Sahasra Ravuri

What is summer to me? If you ask me, summer means having fun with your friends and family at your house, at a hiking trail, or maybe even in another country! You can sleep in, go out for walks in the morning, and maybe even go to a camp. This brings us to the question, what's my summer plan?

I am moving to a bigger house, and I have a plan to decorate my sister's room along with mine! I am looking forward to organizing and sorting the boxes and putting new supplies around the house. In addition to moving, I am looking forward to the Housewarming party! We have this party when we are moving into a new house with all my friends and family members, and I am definitely looking forward to that. Although the chances of family coming from across the country are low, we will have a small and safe housewarming with the people who can come!

Another activity I would like to do this summer is spending time outside with friends and family. This includes going hiking on the weekends to any local trails. This also includes going biking and playing outside with my friends and sister. Some of the games that I play are games that help with cardio, such as various versions of tag. The next type of game that I play often is a guessing game, in which you have to try to guess if someone is friend or foe. Another way I can spend time outside with family is when I'm taking my dog for a walk or even when I'm teaching her some new tricks.

Something else I plan on doing in the summer is going to additional classes. I will be going to 8th grade this next school year and I think that I should try and get ahead by being in some extra classes. One class I will be taking is for math, and will help me improve my math skills to my best ability. Another class that I will be taking is a singing class, so that I can exercise my voice over the summer. Along with these two classes I will also take AVS ACADEMY to improve my writing ability!

If there wasn't Covid, I think my summer would go about the same, with some small changes. If we had a housewarming party with no Covid, I'm sure that my family from all over the globe would attend! I would also be able to go over to my friends house, and spend the day there because my parents may be at work.

All in all, I am very excited for summer to be here because I will explore new things and have fun! Summer is my favorite season and the season that I look forward to! What are your summer plans? Thanks for reading