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What I would do if I win a million dollar lottery, by Sahasra R

At some point in our lives we must have thought about what we would do with a million dollars. I always had an idea of what to do with some of it, but I never thought about too deeply. Here are some of the ways that I would spend my million dollars.

The first way I would like to spend my money is by donating 10% of it to National Geographic. Since I was 7 years old, I loved animals and I even wanted to be a zoologist. I would always read and watch documentaries about animals. I think it's important to donate to National Geo because they put their lives in danger so we can learn about the earth's biology and even outer space. National Geographic doesn't only research animals, they also save them. They have saved pandas, turtles, tigers and lions.

The next thing I would like to donate to is RELAY FOR LIFE. RELAY FOR LIFE is a cancer society which is organized every year for those with cancer. In my school district, grades 5 to high school get to participate in this event. I remember when I was in 5th grade, I participated and we raised over $6,000. I think that many people with cancer will get the treatment that is needed.

Something else that I would spend my money on is a Wrangler Jeep. This jeep is not for me, it's for my dad, he’s always wanted this kind of jeep. When I was younger, he used to joke around that I was going to buy this for him one day. I would like to buy this jeep for him because I think that he would be smiling. Since I have a gift for my dad, I also would buy gifts for my mom and my close friends.

With the remaining amount I would save the money for when I need it. Suppose, when I’m going to college, I might need to buy necessities for school and pay for tuition. I would also give money to my parents in case they need any necessary renovations or buy important things.

All in all, a million dollars is a lot of money, and I probably wouldn’t use it all if I actually won that much money. I think that I can do a lot of good with a lot of money, like helping the environment, studying, and much more.