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The story of Hachiko, The story that melts your heart, Sahasra Ravuri, CT

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Have you ever heard something so insane you don’t think it's true. Well, in this article you're going to be seeing insane and true. It's a story that melts your heart .

Hachiko and his owner, Ueno, had a routine. Everyday before Ueno went on the train to go to work he pet Hachiko and then went to work. Ueno would leave Hachiko with some local farmers or close friends. Before Ueno came home Hachiko would wait for him at the train station until he came, then they would go home. This slowly became a routine for Hachiko and Ueno. But one day that all changed when Ueno wasn’t able to come home from work. He had a brain hemorrhage and died there. Of course Hachiko didn’t know, he was just a dog. Hachiko didn’t know that Ueno was never coming back. Hachiko waited for Ueno, thinking he would come back to him.

How long do you think Hachiko waited, not a day, not a month, not a year. Hachiko waited 9 years to see Ueno. Hachiko was found on the morning of March 8th 1935 dead due to natural causes. He was taken to one of his favorite hangout places, the train station baggage room and photographed and surrounded by Ueno’s wife.

Hachiko was a very loyal dog and waited for its owner for 9 years. I don’t think I know any dog more loyal than Hachiko. Because of Hachiko’s loyalty people made an exhibit on Hachiko in the National museum of Nature and Science

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