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The father of Mathematics by Sahasra R, CT

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Do you know who the Father of Mathematics is? If not, this article will help you learn about him. If you do, buckle up and get ready to hear some astonishing facts!

Archimedes is called the father of mathematics, but he’s not just a Greek mathematician. He’s also a Physicist, Engineer, Inventor and an Astronomer. He lived from 288 BC to 212 BC. You may be thinking, What makes Archimedes the father of mathematics? If you’re in luck because I know the reason behind it. Archimedes discovered the relationship between the surface and volume of a sphere, and to this day many people use his discovery. He also figured out the limits for pi, he said it was between 3 1/7 and 3 10/17. When I first started learning about Archimedes it felt a little boring, but when I saw his cause of death I wanted to know more. Archimedes did not die of old age or any disease, he died of murder. Archimedes was killed by Russian soldier because he refused to leave his Mathematical Work.

This all happened through Archimedes' life, but from where did he get his interest in mathematics? Archimedes most likely got interest in Mathematics from his father, Phildas because Phildas was an astronomer. Archimedes wasn’t the richest or poorest in his life, but he had some help to earn the name “Father of Mathematics:” Archimedes became famous because he was friends with Hiero, the king of Syracuse, and Hiero helped him earn his name.

Archimedes went through an interesting life, I think that he really helped our world today without even knowing. I hope you learned at least one thing about Archimedes today.

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