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Alternate Fuels – Self Study & Research by Sai Manidhar M, Chicago, IL

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Last summer, Sai Manidhar Mutyala worked with us for summer projects in both individual and group categories. The intent of the summer projects was to engage kids, explore, research and present the findings to schools during the start of school year.

Sai did a fantastic self-study and research on the alternate fuels. He was one of the youngest students who were enrolled in 2019 summer projects. His research study submission was published on his school home page under student highlights.

Please see principal’s note below and the link to go through the research.

Alternative Fuels Research: Sai Mutyala, 6th Grader at Granger Middle School, researched Alternative Fuels and how to improve air quality this summer. Click here to see his full research! Way to go Sai!

Congratulation Sai Manidhar!!