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Congratulations!! Sanjana Yendluri


It is an honor to write this message regarding our Vice President for Compassion, Empathy and Character Development. Sanjana came as first runner-up (2nd place) in an extremely competitive (80 participants across the country) National All-American Miss (NAM) Jr. Teen Pageant Competition. The competition just concluded last week. Sanjana’s matchless perseverance, hard work, talent, and commitment is just beyond my imagination. As a role model to the entire next generation, Sanjana brings tremendous positive energy and we have seen this time and again at multiple occasions. She conducted workshops, guest speaker session and research boot camps at our academy while preparing for these competitions. That commitment is what we need from our student to raise above and become extraordinary.

Sanjana’s significant other 2021 accomplishments

1. I am The Pageant Powerhouse

- Fresh Face Fashion Show Winner

2. Run Way Model NAM Jr Teen winner

3. I am Pageant Powerhouse Internationals

- I am “leadership” winner.

4. I am Pageant Powerhouse Internationals

- I am “difference maker” first runner-up

5. Face of Ashley Renee Prom and Pageant

Winner - This is pretty awesome

Kudos!! To Sanjana’s parents and extended family for providing an opportunity for all of us to be part of her wonderful life journey.

Thank You

Kiran Palla

Founder & Chairman

AVS Academy