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Meeting minutes 3/2/21 – Shadow in STEM

Please see the meeting minutes published by Charita for our first shadow session yesterday (3/2/21). Charita leads the Shadow in STEM program. You can just imagine the how much knowledge students are gaining in high school before even starting their first job which is eight years away. Thanks Charita and team. We have included the link and also summary (reformatted) from original message from Charita.

Session One

Computer science could involve you learning about databases, programming, project management, application development, cyber security, artificial intelligence, etc. No matter which big company you go to, there will be a department for information technology. Information technology is led by chief information officers (CIO). The CIO has a chief technology officer (CTO) that helps manage research and development. Members of the application development team help develop applications. Business analysis helps analyze businesses, meaning they talk to other business or clients to gain information about what they want.

Websites tend to have a lot of things going on behind the scenes such as coding. In order to create a website, we need a developing team - web developers, web designers, graphic designers, people who have experience with cyber security, coding experience, etc. However, there must be a project manager to run the whole project. The clients, businesses, and business teams must be there to even start the project and describe what they want and need. Websites use different types of domains such as .org. Some websites are broad but some can be targeted towards a certain audience

Projects can involve solving a problem or forming a new program, application, or website. Project managers first create a plan and then use that plan to make sure everything is headed in the right direction and make sure everything meets deadlines. To be a technology project manager, you need some knowledge of technology and you need to be educated in leadership and management, and you need a certification from a project management institute (PMI). Project managers can work with multiple projects at once. Project managers put together a plan and manage that plan and they report on that plan through stakeholder meetings. Project managers do not need to necessarily manage only technology projects but can manage other areas as well. Project managers are the go-to person for running a project and everyone in the project must go through them. Being a project manager requires computer science degrees, an MBA, and a certificate from the PMI. There are multiple methods to going through a project

Waterfall is traditional and is very straightforward (design, development, test, and release). When you have extreme time crunches, AGILE methodologies are used where you do tasks very quickly and have daily meetings - tend to be smaller projects. Project managers are common everywhere in any company of any field and are not limited to IT


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