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Scientific Minds, helping STEM students - by Shreyas J, Ellicot City, Maryland

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Scientific Minds is an organization that was started to help kids learn about STEM, in a fun, engaging and youth-taught atmosphere. STEM is composed of Science Technology Engineering and Math. Every day, STEM careers are exponentially increasing. By teaching kids what STEM is about and sparking their interest in it [By exposing kids to STEM, and getting them excited about learning], they will be interested in and understand STEM field. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same amount of access to advanced STEM topics. It is very important for every student to have the opportunity to be exposed to advanced STEM material.

Scientific Minds is composed of youth students in middle and high school, supported by award-winning teachers. By teaching many students in these undeserved areas, we plan to boost their knowledge about STEM. We also plan to help young individuals, by giving them an opportunity to practice planning, communicating, and teaching. As more people begin to learn about our mission, we feel that they will help and support us. The people in this world, who could do so much, but lack the tools to do so, they are the people Scientific Minds wants to help. Our statistics display that the current demography in undeserved areas for stem education is less than 5% percent.

Stephen Hawking is one of the world's greatest physicists yet is limited by a disability. A person can only wonder what he could do if he wasn’t suffering ALS. Just like that, many kids may not have the tools to utilize their full potential. Our main goal is to help as many students learn about STEM as possible.

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