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Why I want to become a doctor, Srikar Rayappureddy, 6th Grade, Atlanta

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

My first reason why I want to become a doctor is that you get to help a lot of people who are in need of help. I like this because everyday I will be pleased that I helped a person. On average a doctor sees 20 patients a day that means you almost help 140 people a week.

My second reason why is doctors also have a high name in the economic world and in the physical world. When about ¾ of the people hear the name doctor they think of them as Gods, the reason is God gives life and doctors save lives. Even though the doctors don’t save the life sometimes about ¼ of the people think doctors aren’t as great, but at least they tried won't be able to save everyone.

My third reason is that doctors tend to have the highest salary than most jobs. As an Internist, which is the doctor I want to become, gets a gross of roughly around $194,500 a year and a net of roughly around $186,000 a year which is a really good amount of money to live with. If I get an average 3-story house all furnished and done, a good car, and a pool I will have around 16k left 8k would be used for food, utility bills, taxes, and daily expenses while the other 8k goes in the bank. These are my three reasons why I want to be an internist.


An Internist is a general check-up doctor.

The physical world is the people and what you see.

The economic world is money, business and investment.

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