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I love the country Japan and its wonderful culture by Sripujitha Polisetti

Hello, my name is Sripujitha. I am fifteen years old and studying in the tenth grade. I am from India, brought up in Japan. I've been living in Japan since year 2012. I love living in Japan. It’s a very safe country and it's easy to get around. I also love the food here; ramen is my favorite. There are so many places to visit in Japan like Tokyo Skytree, Odaiba, Kasai Rinkai Koen and many other places.

The Japanese culture is not like any other. Japanese people are very well-mannered. They bow when they're thankful or sorry or just out of respect. Japanese people are very punctual, public transport like trains or buses are always on time. If they are delayed even for five minutes, notices are handed out in the stations, so nobody gets into trouble for tardiness at work or school. If trains are delayed for 10 minutes or more, an announcement in made on the media apologizing to the entire city.

Japanese kids are taught to be independent at a very young age. As soon as they start school, they are taught to travel on their own. They are taught how to behave outside. Japanese schools organize a lot of field trips to various parks and museums and sometimes even to other schools. Sometimes, they are even taken to farms and are allowed to sow and harvest some of their crops.

There are amazing sights for every season in Japan. During spring, cherry blossoms are famous. There are many flower parks as well. During the summers, many matsuris take place. A matsuri is basically a festival where many people set up stalls of food, games and handmade goods. There is also a stage where people perform dance routines and sing songs. Towards the end of a matsuri, a bon-odori takes places. That's when everybody forms a ring and perform a series of dance moves. Towards the end of summer, there's hanabi (fireworks). During autumn, all the trees start changing colors. Nikko is very famous during autumn as the sights there are spectacular. During the winters, there's illumination. There are different colored lights in different arrangements everywhere. It’s very beautiful.