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Technology in 2050, SriVatsa Veera, VA

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

If I was asked how technology would be in 2050, I would say it would have advanced greatly compared to current existing pieces of tech. Within the past few years, our computers and communication platforms have already developed beyond expectations so I think it is fair to assume things will exceed our vision in the next 30 years. With numerous new phones, laptops, and many other devices coming out each year, we’re slowly becoming a technology dependent world. There are many different innovations that are slowly advancing and improving as time goes and may surpass current limitations regarding performance of technology.

One thing that can become more advanced are drones. Right now, drones are mostly used for recording something from a distance you can’t get to or some people just play with it for fun but in the future, it is possible that by 2050 packages that are delivered by companies like FedEx and UPS, will start being delivered by drones without anyone controlling it with a remote or something. They will give it the address and it will deliver it.

Another thing that could be developed are trains. Scientists are planning on using magnetic trains in the future. These trains will be magnetically connected to the rails. This will make the train move much faster. Currently, if you want to travel from one end of the country to another, it would take about 3 days but with magnetic trains, it can take 5 hours.

Next, there are prosthetics. If you don’t know what prosthetics are, they are for people who are missing an arm or leg. Prosthetics are basically fake limbs that can be put in the place of the one they lost. Prosthetics almost work normally like a regular arm. Prosthetics are already very advanced but now scientists are thinking about connecting the prosthetic with the brain. If this happens, prosthetics will be extremely helpful to people who lost a limb.

Along with those, there’s also electric cars. There are already electric cars being made by companies like Tesla and Nissan but it is likely that in the future, everyone will be using electric cars. This will be very good for our environment because cars that run on gas release carbon emissions while electric cars don’t. With electric cars, things can be more convenient because you won’t have to go to the gas station at all and you can charge your car at your home.

Another thing possible in the future is colonizing Mars. Scientists are saying that living on Mars is possible in the future but they first have to get there to see the living conditions. No human has been to Mars yet but many countries are trying to. If Mars colonization is a success, it can solve many problems such as global warming since there won’t be as many humans on the Earth as there are now.

Keeping all of these things in mind, it is very likely that technology by 2050 will be way more advanced and developed than it is now.

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