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The new generation heroes!!

Updated: Jan 3

The new generation at AVS academy is not only focusing on building great extracurricular profiles for their college preparation through innovative projects or initiatives but also contributing to society. You can find below details of these heroes’ contributions approximating $30,000 with a cumulative volunteer hour spent more than 3,800 hours.

Bhavan, a HS student from Chicago successfully conducted two tournaments in support of St. Jude’s hospital raising a total of $4,700 and academy directly donated for the cause another $1,100 for conducting the tournament.

Aditi Nair, a HS student ran this aggressive campaign along with other students raising funds for Banfield foundation that supports pet’s vaccines, disaster relief and rescue operations. The first campaign amassed $2,636.

Anagha, a Middle school student led the campaign along with Hansika during Christmas for the poor in Romania as part of our AVS academy and Logos 114 project collaboration.

Hasita and Maarthvick led the campaign for U.S Olympics and spent numerous volunteer hours while rendering their services at the venue of U.S Olympics.

Anagha, a Middle School student with Hansika, a high school student led the campaign working closely with Pragna sree another HS student from Uganda. Besides financial contributions, they have been conducting several classes educating the students.

Anagha herself contributed $2,500 and other chipped in for $4,600

Hasita, Vaanya, and Diya, all HS students are supporting Dr. Kavya for her mission, project Shakthi to climb all tall mountain peaks in the world by raising funds to support poor student scholarships. The project goal is raise $100,000 and the first campaign resulted in $9.8K and a second campaign is underway.

Your impact on society is powerful and keep up the great work.


AVS Academy