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Thing's of I learned, what I am learning, and what I need help with.

My name is Dhruv V, I am 11 years old and I live in Eugene, Oregon. Ever since I joined A.V.S Academy I have gotten much better at writing essays as a whole. I have gotten much better vocabulary, for example I used to use words like, “found” but now I use “encountered”. I have also made good progress on different ways to keep the reader engaged such as using references and relating with the reader.

I am getting better at making the essay look good or essay structure. My vocabulary continues to improve with every session. I still use small, or non professional words while presenting things and am in the process of trying to catch it before I finalize the essay. I am also getting better at understanding my mistakes and finding places I can improve at.

I need help with time management because I feel like sometimes I just don’t do my essays and research. I just wait and procrastinate until it’s almost time to present. When I don't work on my essay until the last minute, I feel like I don’t do the best work I could.

I overall have gotten much better and fluent writing essays since I joined A.V.S Academy.

Thank You!

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